These ‘Planning Proposals’ detail ‘imagined’ artworks to be located in/on specific trees within Chalkwell Park in Southend-on-Sea Essex. They were printed on to vinyl banners and left on the trees for 7 days, launching at Village Green Festival.

I see these proposals as an intervention – the artworks may or may not be viable but they are certainly possible -with the right will and funding. They also ‘test-out’ the public’s response to ‘regeneration’ planning applications and ‘public art’ within their locality.

Text/email comments have included:

‘I am very upset at the prospect of the trees being used for so-called art! Leave the trees ALONE!’


‘Lovely old tree best left alone!’

‘To whom it may concern,

I am appalled to learn that you want to put an ugly chavvy stiletto shoe ( and call it art) in such a beautiful tree! Why would anyone want to spoil our natural art forms, which are the trees? It is a stupid idea and totally unecessary!
Yours annoyed’,